Corporate Tax

All business decisions today have tax implications and it is important for a company to manage its income tax requirements efficiently. Every Year of Assessment (YA), the Company is required to file Estimated chargeable income within 3 months after its financial year and Form-C /C-S by 30th November. Our tax agents will assist your company to conduct proper tax planning.

Our Corporate Taxation Package provides:

  • Submitting Form C / Form C-S and Appendixes to IRAS. 
  • Preparing tax computation. 
  • Basic Tax planning. 
  •  Annual filing of ECI to IRAS. 

Individual Tax

Individuals, sole-proprietors and partnerships are required to file their taxes by 15th April on the coming calendar year. For sole-proprietorships and partnerships with an annual revenue of more than S$500,000, a certified financial statement will be required to be submitted along with the tax documents.

Our Individual Taxation Package includes:

  • Personal Income Tax Submission (Form B)
  • Partnership Form P Submission

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

You are liable for GST registration if:

a.     Your taxable turnover at the end of the calendar quarter (i.e. end Mar, Jun, Sep or Dec) and the past three quarters is more than $1 million. ("Retrospective View") OR

b.     You can reasonably expect your taxable turnover in the next 12 months to be more than $1 million e.g. signing of a sales contract or business agreement. ("Prospective View"). You must continuously monitor if you have reasons to believe (e.g. confirmed contract or agreement bringing in high revenue) that your taxable supplies will be more than S$1 million in the next 12 months.

An assigned accountant will assist prepare an assessment that determines the impact of GST registration on your company and customers. Based on the assessment, we will advise you on the optimum GST filing cycle for your company. We offer monthly, quarterly and half-yearly GST filing.